Large building metal scafolding

About Hendrix & Arp Contracting Services

Hendrix and Arp Contracting Services is a full service solution provider in the steel and metal building industry, specializing in:

  • Complete design builds
  • New additions
  • Repair of existing buildings
  • Demolition

Our client base includes commercial and light industrial work as well as private industry and manufacturing. We have access to several building supply manufacturers to ensure that you receive the best possible product at the best price.

Hendrix and Arp is partnered with Hendrix Construction, which employs field foremen and several teams of dedicated installers/erectors. Employees of both companies work together in an effort to build relationships, provide outstanding service and grow the business.


Jimmy Arp


As co-founder of H&A, Mr. Arp has over two decade’s of experience in the steel building industry, specializing in sales, design services and logistics. Jimmy and Ron Hendrix, launched their company in 2005 and have carefully constructed an experienced and knowledgeable team. As President, Jimmy is an honorable and enthusiastic leader.


Ron Hendrix


Although Ron and Jimmy have been close friends all their lives, it was by sheer coincidence that they both found themselves working in the steel building industry. Ron coordinated and supervised metal building construction crews and Jimmy was selling steel building materials when they decided to merge their skills and form H&A. As Vice-President, Ron’s quarter of a century expertise in engineering, material resources and equipment capabilities rounds this team out to a perfect combination.


Chris McKee


Chris’ professional career has taken him down some interesting paths and the experience he’s gathered definitely serves to our client’s advantage. From home construction and plumbing to oil field services and cattle ranching, he is always focused on the customer’s expectations. Add in a decade of sales for a steel building supplier and over 5 years of service with Hendrix & Arp and you have an Estimator who can easily walk you through all the details of design, pricing and delivery of a custom building.