hay covering

Farm & Agriculture Metal Buildings

Steel construction has long been utilized on the farm as a low cost solution to many of the problems farmers and ranchers face in their day to day operations. Our team has been working hand in hand with the ag community to help solve these problems and place more profit on their bottom line. Whether it be a new livestock handling facility or commodity storage, Hendrix & Arp can help design, fabricate, and construct your project from the ground up. Being well versed in the ag industry as well as the construction trades, we are best suited to take your project from start to finish in a timely manner that allows you to put your new asset to work for you.

Hay/Commodity Storage

We have the knowledge and skill to design and build a facility that is economical, attractive, and efficient – giving you the most bang for your buck. Protecting your crops from the elements will help decrease the amount of any spoilage. Commodity storage should be effective for current needs, but flexible for any future plans.

Livestock Handling

Coming from a ranching background, we have the knowledge and expertise to design and construct a facility that will be both practical and efficient making use of what area you have.

Equipment Storage

With the cost of equipment what it is today, protect that investment by placing it under cover when it is not in use. We can design and build equipment storage structures in many configurations to accommodate even the largest of your equipment. Utilizing our many years in the business, we can lay out a building that will not only protect your equipment investment, but be an attractive addition to the farmstead as well.

If you have livestock, machinery or crops, we are eager to discuss how a metal building could be the best solution for storage!